Art of The Ask Recommendations

These are personal recommendations for products and services from Kathleen and her workshop participants.

Emerence de Postesta
Graphic artist, logo, stationary and email signature design

Emerence designed my logo, business card, stationary, and email signature. She lives in Brussels, works for a flat fee, or, if you exceed the time she feels is reasonable, works hourly. Although we live thousands of miles apart, our communication was good and her turnaround terrific. You pay her via PayPal.

Mary Weeks
Website designer and developer

As both an artist and a programmer, Mary is well qualified to design and develop websites. Currently, she is working with WordPress. Her prices are reasonable, her work is excellent, and she offered many useful suggestions ranging from layout and design to editorial content. I highly recommend her.


Emerence set up my business card so that I could get it printed cheaply and quickly on Vistaprint. The process worked smoothly and the quality was great.